About Us

Morgan Energy Limited (MEL) is a limited liability company, wholly owned by Nigerian investors. The company is a forward-looking organisation which seeks to be a producer of choice for quality electricity meters and provision of metering services.       



To turn our knowledge, skills, attitude and resources into creating value for the benefit of our stakeholders and for the growth of the Nigerian economy.



To ensure production of quality electricity meters and instruments that meet national and international standards utilizing state-of-the-art technology and a well-motivated human capital, and hence become the producer of choice for quality products and services.


Core Values

Our core values clearly define what we stand for and serve as guiding principles for how we manage ourselves, work and relationships:



Firm adherence to ethical values



Continuous improvement and innovation


Team work

 We work together cohesively with mutual support to achieve our objectives



We value people and treat them with dignity and professionalism