Products and Services

The products and services the company provides are in the following areas:


Metering Services

We provide a wide range of services relating to electricity meters and instruments including:


Assembly/Manufacture of Electricity Meters

We undertake the assembly of semi-knocked-down components of the meter cover, terminal cover, modem, modem cover, silicon keypad, battery, screws, Miniature Circuit Breaker (MCB), connecting cables, meter box base, meter base cover, cartons, of the electronic smart meters into fully assembled meters for deployment in the Nigerian Electricity Supply Industry (NESI) and nationwide use.


Plans are underway for full scale manufacture of meters from basic components, Surface Mounted Technologies, Printed Circuit Boards (PCBs), Radio Frequency (RF) interface and fifth generation(5G) communications.  We specialize in the assembly and manufacture of the following categories of tamper-proof energy meters

·   Single phase smart prepayment meters

·   Three phase smart prepayment meters


Installation of Electricity Meters

Morgan Energy is registered as a Meter Asset Provider (MAP) by NERC and has a pending application with NERC as Metering Services Provider MSP, (Meter Installation).  We provide full scale go-to services for technical installation and repairs of electricity smart meters in Discos, industries, commercial, other establishments and residential premises.  The range of our installation expertise also covers:

·   Single phase smart meters

·   Three phase smart meters

·   Maximum Demand meters

·   Grid meters


Assembly of Electricity Boxes

As an offshoot of our production process, we are currently embarking on the importation and assembly of SKDs for polycarbonate UV-stabilised fire-retardant anti-oxidation electricity meter boxes that have good dielectric and mechanical strength.


Other services

Non electricity metering services the company produces are as follows:


Rural Electrification

Morgan Energy Ltd undertakes design, construction and execution of rural electrification projects at:

·   33 kV, 11 kV and 400/230 Volts voltage levels

·   Solar Mini grids

·   Renewable Energy Projects such as wind

·   Community electrification and metering


Engineering Procurement and Contracting

Morgan Energy Limited offers ancillary services in the following underlisted areas among others:

·   Engineering Design, Procurement and Contracting up to 330kV.

·   Electrical Equipment Sales and Installation

·   Instruments and Meters Installation